Month by month, 100s of cars and real estate properties are being sold in local car auctions. The auctions are regulated by the USA government and the foreclosure laws. In order to save the costs of storage, any seized properties are being auctioned very rapidly - allowing you, the costumer, to find great deals of up to 95% retail price.

In order to help with the stressful procedure of finding a suiteable car, we listed the top car auction sites, reviewed them and inspected many elements about them. We only tested trustworthy, aged, sites that have good reputation in the market. All these car auction sites have a database containing of 1000's of surplus vehicles and other seized properties.

By checking our reviews, you would be able to take full advantage and find the best deal in order to find local and online car auctions.

all the reviewed sites offer the following

* Access to secret Repo auctions.
* Bidding starts at $100, or less, meaning you can find low-value cars as well.
* You buy them directly from the governmental owner.
* Seized cars are listed by police, IRS, FBI and other law enforcement agencies.
* Listings for every state in the USA.
* All makers, all models, all cars.
* Up to 95% off retail value deals are available
* Clean vehicles, low mileage, tested by mechanics.
* New listings Everyday.
- Other factors may vary according to the site.

Auctions tips available about the following subjects:
* public auto auctions * state surplus auctions * canadian government auctions * government boat auctions

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